New Heights Aerial Media

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Our site is still under construction. If you wish to contact us please email us at

New Heights Aerial Media is an FAA Approved company offering High Definition photography and video services. We utilize the latest in small drone technology including GPS and gyro-stabilized flight control systems to deploy cameras to capture high quality images.

There are so many uses for aerial videos and photographs – for all types of companies and organizations. Your company can use our high-quality video to produce affordable, professional commercials, training videos, print ads, and promotional materials. In addition to aerial cinematography, other industries who benefit from this technology are real estate, industrial inspection, agriculture, resorts and anyone who wants high-quality video from a variety of angles.

Our services include:

  • Construction Site ProjectsConstruction
  • Ground Breaking Ceremonies
  • Residential/Commercial Real Estate
  • Project Completion
  • Variances/Land Use
  • Site Selection

Benefits of Aerial Video and Photography

Through the use of our compact, unmanned aerial platforms we are able to go from ground level up to 200 feet. This allows us to capture angles that are nearly impossible with manned aircraft! Other benefits include:

  • Safe & Reliable Filming
  • Low Noise Pollution
  • Less Expensive than Manned Aircraft
  • Smaller Size Allows for Better Angles
  • Able to Fly Lower
  • Breath-Taking Shots!